Terms of Services

Terms of Services

Following section contains useful information regarding the user rights, terms of using one or more services of "Email Server Management" and privacy of customer data. In the case of any violation of the details as below may result in temporary suspension or termination of one or all services.

Viruses and Trojans:

If your server isn't setup by the team at "Email Server Management" and you have just hired the services for configuration, management or maintenance. In this case customer is solely responsible for the damages caused by any malicious programs Viruses, Trojans etc on their servers.


We clearly discourage the use of email servers for sending unsolicited emails and strongly disfavor the practices contrary to the spam act. We reserve every right to suspend the server on temporary or even at permanent basis, upon receiving spam complaints.

Prohibited Content:

Inappropriate Content: We clearly disallow using our servers for relaying data which is inappropriate such as, pornographic or obscene material, naked pictures, images/ videos/ audios or any other kind of data linked to blasphemy/blasphemous act and threatening material.

Copyright Violation: Sending of the data which infringes someone other's exclusive rights, pirated in any sense and falls under copyright infringement.

Viruses: Transmission of the data which can harm someone other's website or software such as, Viruses, Worms, Trojans, codes, links, files etc. Activities like hacking can also cause suspension of the services.

Warming up the IP address:

  • We evaluate every IP before initiating the process of warming, and considering it for warming up is the sole right of the team. If the IP is blacklisted and does not meet the criteria, we may not process it for warming and will return it back to the customer.
  • We make use of the best practices for warming up an IP address, in order to assure good sending reputation and email delivery to inbox. But we don't take any guarantees to increase the sending score to some particular extent, or achieving some specific percent of inbox rate.

General Terms:

  • We reserve the right to publish the logo of your company and your name as a customer of "Email Server Management". The data will be used for the purpose of advertising our customer list in brochures, press releases etc. If you don't want your name to be published in our customer list, you should email at support@emailservermanagement.com with the reference of your name in specific advertising material.
  • As a service provider we need to communicate with our customers through email, the email messages may contain important announcements, account updates, administrative messages and newsletters. To keep the service quality maintained we reserve right to send emails to you, and it shall be considered as a part of using our services and during your stay you can't opt out.

User Agreement:

By using the services of "Email Server Management" you acknowledge that you have read the terms of services and privacy policy statement, and you are agreed to the terms of services, use and disclosure of the data. We reserve every right to change and revise the terms of using services and privacy policy.