Privacy Policy

Personal Information and Privacy Policy

Personal information you provide can be used for several purposes. But the primary use is processing the data and providing the services requested by the customer. Moreover, this information can be used for further communication (policy matters, technical changes, customer care and assistance) and ongoing support through helpdesk. For these purposes we collect personal and no personal details of customers as below.

  • Subscriber Name
  • Business or Brand Name
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Contact Information (According to requirement of the form you fill)
  • Other information you volunteer to "Email Server Management" for any electronic submission.
  • Non personal data
  • IP addresses
  • Browser Information
  • Location

Billing and Credit Card Information:

We also need and collect information necessary to process the purchase order it includes credit card number, expiry and billing address. If somebody is paying on behalf of you, in this case we'll collect his billing information as well. We will share the data you provide with the issuing bank or concerned service provider to verify the authenticity of the credit card. The sole purpose of sharing this information is to avoid financial disputes and keep the process transparent. Otherwise, we don't share your data with third party.

Email List:

Email server management is committed to protect the privacy of your email list and we don't share or sell the email lists of our customers. Only the staff at the server monitoring and spam control department has access to your email stream. They screen every email passes through the servers we setup for you, and reserve right to deactivate or even suspend your server upon receiving spam complaints and in the case of any violation of the data transmission policy.

User Agreement:

By using the services of "Email Server Management" you acknowledge that you have read the terms of services and privacy policy statement, and you are agreed to the terms of services, use and disclosure of the data. We reserve every right to change and revise the terms of using services and privacy policy.