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Mail Server Configuration
We offer email server setup and configuration services from startup businesses to corporate companies. Years of our experience in email industry have enabled us to configure email server in a way to send bulk emails with most favorable results and high inbox delivery rates. If you are lacking all important aspect of email delivery to inbox, you might have missed something essential during the configuration of the mail server. This is where the team at "Email server management" can help, as we know the mantra of high inbox rate.
  • Configuration of MTA/SMTP (Outgoing Mails)
  • Configuration of POP3/IMAP (Incoming Mails)
  • Configuration of MX records (Mail Exchange)
  • Configuration of Email Authentications
  • Bounce Processing System
  • Setup RDNS & FDNS
  • Configuration of Feedback Loops (Receiving Complaints)
  • Manage Sending Volumes
  • Warm up the IPs
  • Keep the IPs Clean
Setup and Configuration
Email Server Management
Any failure or error that occurs in the outgoing and incoming mail streams can result in loss of potential business and also can upset the workflow of your support/ helpdesk. One needs to keep the mail server monitored and maintained to uphold the top standards of quality services, we at "Email Server Management" can help in.
  • Monitoring of Server Resources
  • Monitoring of POP/SMTP
  • Monitoring of IPs

Round Trip Monitoring

  • DNS Maintenance
  • Application Maintenance
  • IP Maintenance
Complete Features
IP Warming Services
During the process of developing an advance IP warming plan, team at "Email Server Management" constantly worked on the best practices and followed all steps required to complete the gradual process of warming up an IP address. If you think the process of warming up an IP address is much technical, and obtaining positive reputation across major ISPs is a complex procedure, we can help in.
  • Warming Up an IP Address
  • Ensuring IP Reputation across ISPs
  • Increasing Sending Score
  • Increasing Inbox Rate
Best Practices