Setup and Configuration
Email Server Setup and Configuration
In ever evolving world of communication and information technology, communication through the sophisticated channel of email has grown to a large extent. Whether you are a startup business or corporate company, you need an efficient way of communicating with your valued customers, and what is better than a business email that directly hits the target inbox. 25% of all emails are the business email inboxes while the majority of consumers overwhelmingly want to receive permission based marketing messages via email the percentage is around 77% according to a survey.

Dedicated Mail Server Setup

Setting up dedicated email server is believed to be the most suitable option for sending business emails to your customers in an instant time span. There are several reasons why setting up your own dedicated server is preferred choice, most important among them are maximizing inbox delivery and advance control on your email resources. The dedicated server is an appropriate solution for those who don't want limited number of email credits by subscribing to the package of some Email Service Provider company.

Choose a Right Server

Selection of the email server side system with proper resources remains an integral decision, and often people don't take note of several necessary aspects while setting up a system for emailing. The first thing to consider before setting up an email server is the daily sending volume of emails, one needs to know that emails will relay from the system, system will be responsible to collect bounces and incoming emails, and the system will also host all required applications. Therefore you always need to select mindfully, even better is taking services from a professional company having experience of setting up a server for bulk emailing. Team of experienced professionals at Email Server Management takes note of all these things before suggesting and setting up the mail server. We provide the best way to secure your data and business reputation with:
  • Dedicated Email Servers
  • Dedicated IPs justified to ARIN
  • Complete Control on Server Resources
  • Advance Security of Data and Applications
  • Ideal Configuration Plan
Mail Server Configuration