Monitoring your email round trip
Monitoring your email round trip

Step 1

PRTG sends an email through SMTP protocol to mail server.

Step 2

The SMTP server sends an email to POP3 and IMAP server. It can be positioned in remote site in local LAN and can also be located in the same server.

Step 3

PRTG connects to the POP3 and IMAP servers unless the test email arrives into the mail box.

Features of Our Round Trip Email Monitor

  • Ability to set port number of mail server.
  • Deals with RFC compliant commands to email server.
  • Contains SSL secured SMTP.
  • POP3 support or backing for mail server.
  • Choice of monitoring 3 locations.
  • Option for 2, 5, 10 and 15 minute interval.
  • No counterfeit alert technology.
  • Optional addition of double knock facility to your mail server.
  • DNS inspection via email round trip monitoring
  • Validating return IP addresses
  • Gives full control through online control panel.
  • Unlimited Alert options (email, SMS, instant messenger, etc).
  • Escalation procedures.
  • Automated reminders.
  • Planned outage backing to mail server.
  • 2 way SMS to control and watches over the monitoring.
  • Delivers daily, weekly and monthly email reports.
  • Accessibility of the statistics
  • Performance statistics
  • Online reports and graphs facilities.
  • Availability of the raw data is ensured.
  • Availability of both HTML and Plain Text Email Support
  • Accessibility of JPEG, GIF and PNG Image Support
  • Identify monitor groups to mitigate number of SMS alerts
  • Diagnostic traces from all monitoring servers
  • ICMP and UDP Traceroute
  • 24/7 free support facility via helpdesk.

Key Benefits of Email Round Trip Monitoring

  • It provides instant multimedia alerts. These alerts contain details about specific issues and problems. These problems are detected by the critical email round trip monitoring systems.
  • Around 80% of decrease in the server downtime.
  • Improves detection and resolution of problems in email server management systems, email applications and email hardware systems as well.
  • This considerably shortens your time to troubleshoot the failed email applications, whereas equipment reduces your IT costs significantly.
  • It provides you a complete general idea of your sample email round trip performance, fixing bottlenecks in your email systems and applications.
  • It significantly improves communication experience with your valued customers as well as associate group members. Furthermore it prevents unwanted delays.
  • It reduces the risk of the loss of revenue and business credibility.
  • Last, but not the least, our email round trip email monitoring system can dramatically enhance the business efficiency and operations.