Maintenance of Mail Server
Maintenance of Mail Server
Maintenance of the mail server is the next important step after the monitoring of it. The team at "Email Server Management" is fully capable of not only monitoring of the mail server resources and sending alerts for the maintenance, but also fixing the errors and performing all the tasks required for the maintenance of the mail server. If you put your trust with "Email Server Management", our team will send you an email alert as soon they encounter any problematic activity with details of required possible actions to fix the problem. We pay close attention to the technical aspects in order to maintain the smooth performance of the mail server.
  • DNS Maintenance Including
  • Mail Exchange Records
  • PTR Records
  • Email Authentications (SPF, Domain Keys, DKIM)
  • Domain Swapping
  • Application Maintenance Including
  • Email Relaying Application
  • Email List Manager
  • Troubleshooting errors of Incoming (POP/IMAP) and Outgoing (SMTP) mail streams
  • IP Maintenance Including
  • Maintaining the Distribution of Email Volumes on Existing IPs
  • Delisting of IPs if Blacklisted
  • Swapping the Pool of IPs when Required
  • Maintenance of OS Libraries/ Binaries
  • Other Required Tasks
Benefits of Mail Server Monitoring and Maintenance
  • It increases the efficiency of your incoming (POP, IMAP) plus outgoing (SMTP) email streams in an ongoing way.
  • It adds stability, high performance and ensures a good control on your mail server resources.
  • It will scrutinize both incoming and outgoing mail streams by means of secure authentication.
  • It enables testing of the mail server round trip time (RTT) through more than 25 different locations for sure.
  • It enables to evaluate the performance history of the mail server while monitoring the current analytics, so that you can keep improving with the passage of time.
  • It increases the reputation of IPs and eventually the inbox rate.