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Mail Server Configuration

Setting up mail server isn't enough to obtain favorable results, configuration of mail server is even more important. Setting up Dedicated Mail Server needs a careful and systematic approach. No matter what is your preference for operating system Linux/ Windows, we can create suitable configuration of applications and protocols. We configure email server with the guarantee that you can obtain most optimistic results out of your mailing. We guarantee that our way of configuring server will allow you to send fast relaying email right on the target.

  • Configuration of MTA/SMTP (Outgoing Mails)
  • Configuration of POP3/IMAP (Incoming Mails)
  • Configuration of Disk Quotas
  • Configuration of MX records (Mail Exchange)
  • Next Level of Configuration

We perform other required tasks as the next step after the configuration of server essentials. All these configuration measures ensure the reputation of email server as legitimate email sender, and eventually it is the good email sending reputation that ensures better inbox rate.

  • List Management, Scheduling & Monitoring System
  • Configuration of Sender ID/SPF Email Authentication
  • DKIM Authentication
  • Setup RDNS
  • Configuration of Feedback Loops (Receiving Complaints)
  • Rotation of IPs (Distributes Email Volumes on IPs)
  • Authentication Reports